Merchants Square April Update

Merchants Square 'Topping Off' of Amarone

Amarone is the largest block of apartments in Merchants Square with 63 apartments due to be launched in September 2022

Amarone (Block A) had its final concrete pour on the roof this month which was a huge milestone in the Merchants Square build. Amarone is the largest block in Merchants Square with 63 Apartments and two commercial units. Now that the mainframe and building are complete on Amarone, this will now enable significant site progress for Soave (Block B).

Brian McCarthy, Le Masurier and Leanne Kirkland, Maillard & Co got to participate in the final topping off with contractors Camerons. The views from the top are pretty special ………

Lesmasurierfinalpour 9
Lesmasurierfinalpour 44
Lesmasurierfinalpour db

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